P2 Shag Picker Plus

P2 Shag Picker Plus

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The P2 Shag Picker Plus at 39 ½ - inches wide can do a big job but also allows for easy and effective picking of small to medium practice areas.  It was designed to also be used when wet conditions make motorized picking not an option.  Comes with two easily removable plastic baskets for a 600-ball capacity. 


MADE in the U.S.A - Made from electroplated steel specifically for corrosion prevention and resistance to all outdoor elements.  We designed it to be the longest-lasting picker on the market today! 

POLYCARBONATE DISCS - We designed our discs for the toughest picking and weather conditions! Made from extremely strong polycarbonate plastic for strength and flexibility. Plus, the added protection from our green pigment reflects UV rays helping to extend discs’ life.


117 lbs

48 x 40 x 24