P2 Golf Ball Picker Single Section

P2 Golf Ball Picker Single Section

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The P2 Plus Single Section Ball Picker is a dynamic solution for the smaller range. It has a 5-foot picking width so it is sure to get every ball in its path, plus, those hard to reach areas around trees. It has a durable steel frame with 3 baskets in total that can hold 900 balls when fully loaded.  Can be used with most non-utility golf carts and comes complete with push bar and a universal bracket.

Picker Highlights

MADE in the U.S.A - Made from electroplated steel specifically for corrosion prevention and resistance to all outdoor elements.  We designed it to be the longest lasting picker on the market today! 

NO FRONT WHEEL -  allows picker to make sharp turns and maneuver without destruction to range grasses.

NO WELDING -  The 4-piece bolted main frame was designed to be modular so you only replace damaged parts saving you money.

GANGS won’t TANGLE!  Never risk leaving the vehicle to untangle gangs!  The P2 Pickers effortlessly backs away and reverse with ease!

POLYCARBONATE DISCS - We designed our discs for the toughest picking and weather conditions! Made from extremely strong polycarbonate plastic for strength and flexibility. Plus, the added protection from our green pigment reflects UV rays helping to extend discs’ life.

 SPLIT DRUM TURNING SYSTEM - Combined with our lightweight frame, each 34-disc drum is split into two 17 disc sections allowing picker to provide superior maneuverability on any terrain; Including SNOW!