Driving Down Memory Lane: How Our Vintage 1968 Cushman Stole the Show at GCSAA 2024

Driving Down Memory Lane: How Our Vintage 1968 Cushman Stole the Show at GCSAA 2024


The GCSAA Trade Show 2024 was a monumental event for golf course management and golf driving range equipment enthusiasts. Amidst the latest innovations in golf ball pickers, golf ball washers, and state-of-the-art golf equipment, one classic gem stood out, capturing the hearts of attendees and setting our booth apart as the crowd favorite: a vintage 1968 Cushman golf cart.

The Vintage 1968 Cushman: A Showstopper

Our decision to showcase a vintage 1968 Cushman golf cart was inspired by a desire to blend the rich history of golf with the latest advancements in golf driving range equipment. This iconic Cushman golf cart, known for its reliability and classic design, was more than just a piece of equipment; it was a portal to the past, evoking nostalgia and shared memories among golf enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Nostalgic Stories and Shared Memories

The highlight of the event was the flood of nostalgic stories and memories shared by visitors. Many recalled learning to drive stick on an old Cushman, while others reminisced about the simpler times of golf course maintenance. One visitor shared a particularly captivating story of working on the Cushman showroom floor, selling this same model brand new in 1973 for $2,200—a price we all wish we could find today!

The Importance of Tradition in Golf

Featuring the vintage Cushman at the GCSAA Trade Show underscored the importance of tradition in the golf industry. While modern golf ball pickers, washers, and driving range equipment offer efficiency and innovation, the classic appeal of the Cushman golf cart reminds us of the game's timeless charm and the enduring legacy of golf course equipment.

Conclusion: Bridging Past and Present

Our booth at the GCSAA Trade Show 2024, highlighted by the vintage 1968 Cushman, was not just a display of golf driving range equipment; it was a celebration of golf's storied past and bright future. As we continue to innovate and improve golf ball washers, pickers, and other essential golf equipment, let's not forget the charm and history that classic pieces like the Cushman golf cart bring to the game.

We invite you to explore our range of golf driving range equipment, including the latest in golf ball pickers and washers, designed to enhance your golfing experience. Join us in celebrating the heritage and innovation that make golf a beloved sport across generations.